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JavaHL problem in eclipse solved

In most of the cases is due to the lack of the libsvn-java library, so just install it:

$ sudoapt-get installlibsvn-java
Now you have to tell eclipse where to find this libraries. First, locate where the is:
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 now run:
By default, the necessary goods will be installed at /usr/lib/jni, and you now need to tell Java where to find them whenever Eclipse starts up.
The best way is to change your eclipse.ini settings file located in your Eclipse root folder. This file seems to list all the start up options that should be used when starting Eclipse. We need to add the following line at the end of this file:
set your jni directory location given by "locate" command ....


jqery plugin for pupup bubbles

keyboard shortcut jquery plugin

easy eclipse set in ubuntu linux

To install eclipse on ubuntu you need to download it first from Extract the downloaded file by right click on it and extract here or running the following:

tar xzf dir/eclipse-SDK- Where eclipse-SDK- is your eclipse-SDK name with version and dir is the directory of eclipse-sdk.

Now move it to the root directory. Apply the following command to do this.
sudo mv dir/eclipse ~ Now you are ready to configure your eclipse. To do this follow the following step by step...

sudo mv eclipse /home/<your user name>/opt/ Take care of the permissions:
sudo chmod -R +r /home/<your user name>/opt/eclipse sudo chmod +x /home/<your user name>/opt/eclipse/eclipse Create an executable in your path:
sudo touch /usr/bin/eclipse sudo chmod 755/usr/bin/eclipse sudo gedit /usr/bin/eclipse Copy the following content and save the file:
#!/bin/sh export ECLIPSE_HOME="/opt/eclipse" $ECLIPSE_HOME/eclipse $* Let’s also …

liferay tomcat setup on ubuntu linux

Open terminal : CTRL+ALT+T

1. run on terminal:
2. sudo nano /etc/profile

3. add these line :

export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/
export LIFERAY_HOME=/usr/local/liferay-portal-6.0.6/tomcat-6.0.29

replace this by your jdk, liferay path .

4. allow execution for all files location in $LIFERAY_HOME/bin

chmod +x *.sh

5. logout and relogin

6. cd $LIFERAY_HOME/bin